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Ok.. hey everyone.. and welcome 2 me webbie =)

hehe.. ok.. so my name is sam.. i'm 17 and i live in WALES!
I'm generally a bubbly happy person who'll get along with anyone...
i dont judge people... i get to know them first... =D
ummm... i'm also lez... so i suggest if your homophobic you get off here cuz u might not like some of the pics =P

My site updates....

04/11/03 just started building my webbie.. nuthin much 2 report...

07/11/03 added a shout outs page and guest book...


27/12/03 Added a t.A.T.u page and deleted the other pics.

28/12/03 Added an Amy Lee picture page

29/12/03 Added a calendar, and pics of online friends.

30/12/03 Added pics of my mates =D 

Ok... here's a few things you'll find here

ok.. pics of my girls (i wish) hehe.. more personal info about me.. a page dedicated 2 tatu =D shout outs to my mates and a few links and watever... ok.. so go take a peek.. i know u wanna =P

Any ideas peeps?

ok. well... if u got any ideas how 2 make my webbie ne better then i'd appreciate it if you cud e-mail me =) thnx



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